Beluga V2

Rebrand, profit-sharing, yield-optimizing vaults, updated tokenomics, community integration, partnerships, marketing, and moar.


We will formally rebrand from Beluga Protocol to With this comes an updated logo and an updated UI/UX.

Yield-Optimizing Vaults

We have implemented the Harvest.Finance vault strategy, which calls every 3 hours, to compound users’ deposits. Users can deposit their tokens into the vaults to receive a bTOKEN (for example, if you deposit $CAKE you will receive $bCAKE to represent this deposit) which you can then deposit into a bFARM to earn $BELUGA emissions or “incentives”. Read more about emission in the tokenomics subsection.

So what makes Beluga different to other yield-optimisers on BSC? Firstly, we are all about innovation. Our primary focus is not on competing for ‘blue chip’ TVL but rather deploy vaults that do not currently exist on BSC. Although we will include a few vaults of the more popular projects, we feel that this part of the market has already been more or less saturated. Being the only project to implement a particular vault, gives us the advantage of not having to incentivize using inflationary emissions, while still benefiting from the revenues from increased TVL.

Profit Sharing

Although we have no withdrawal or deposit fees on vaults and farms, we have implemented a 10% vault performance fee, of which 50% is distributed to $BELUGA (or profitshare) stakers and the other 50% is distributed back to the depositor in the form of $BELUGA through the corresponding bFARM.

Updated Tokenomics

Max supply: 12,000 $BELUGA (approximately 800 in circulation as per today)

Starting week 1, we will reward bCAKE, bBUSD and the Beluga-BNB LP farms with $BELUGA emissions, with the following breakdown:

  • bCAKE (30 $BELUGA per week for 50 weeks)
  • bBUSD (30 $BELUGA per week for 50 weeks)
  • Beluga-BNB LP (60 $BELUGA per week for 50 weeks)

Vault and Farm contracts


Beluga Profitshare: 0x67071045eef178a5d719a3ca8401f4c0f048a25a

BUSD: 0x821145c6529a8c9ca8db3ce29d460f6313338459

Cake: 0x095EB886997d752C78Fe5F731d5B0C1D90b29EF4

BREW: 0x47947ca6d6e49246409238a35ae159996a2a1032

Smonk: 0xf8cc0b4f3b115ad4b2d36e3896c31feb4578ed0e

Beluga Community

Community integration into our operations is very important to us as we look to be as community-driven as possible. We will use voting to make decisions on tokenomics and more. Our community will also act as strat finders, as members can submit applications to implement our strats to their favorite farms.

Our community members can apply to have new vaults added here

Partnerships and Marketing

The key to the longevity of any project, along with real use case, is partnerships and a comprehensive marketing strategy. We plan to form partnerships with projects we believe to have strong fundamentals and a promising future.



Optimising yields at

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