In order to reward early adopters, for a period of 2–3 weeks, we are launching $BELUGA rewards for BELUGA-WETH SLP depositors: no vesting & no bs.

How can I participate? Head over to and select trade to acquire beluga and make sure you have an equal amount or more in $eth. Click add liquidity on the same page as the link above and then deposit $beluga and $eth into the pool. You will receive some SLP tokens as a receipt for your deposit, which you can take over to and deposit those into the BELUGA-WETH SLP farm.

What will the APY be? We can’t say exactly what the APY will be, but the emissions rate will be set to 30 $BELUGA per week. The APY will change depending on the price of $BELUGA and TVL deposited.

What happens after this farming period? We will introduce a vesting contract to fend off the vampires, which will impose a 50% early-claimer fee, and redistribute them to the profit share pool. This will help ease the selling pressure until we have built sizeable collateralisation for the $BELUGA token. You can learn more about the collateral system here:

Join our Discord or TG to find out exactly WHEN farming begins.


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