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Optimising yields at

Beluga’s expansion onto Fantom.

It is official! Beluga is expanding its product offering onto Fantom! You can now get exposure to the highest yields on Fantom through Beluga!

We are proud to be able to launch our innovative product on Fantom and to allow the Fantom community to earn high…

Beluga’s restructure, long term plans, and the formation of our multisig.

Beluga has come a long way, starting as an ambitious vision from one founder, to an innovative yield generating product that truly gives its users exposure to the best yields, and now, we are proud to announce our path…

After a few requests, we have decided to put together a little ‘how to’ article to assist those wanting to bridge their $BELUGA to Polygon. As we are focusing our operations much more on Polygon, we suggest token holders migrate from BSC to Polygon.

How do I bridge my tokens to Polygon from BSC?

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet through the Polygon/matic network.
  3. Make sure the ‘Deposit’ tab is selected, and click on the token list. Find ‘Beluga’ and click on it.

4. Select how many tokens you want to bridge over and click ‘crosschain deposit’. That’s it!

We are proud to announce the launch of innovative ‘maximizer’ vaults that reward users in bGFI-WETH LP, an auto compounding LP token. The benefits of this are:
1. Significant increase in APYs
2. Increase in $GFI-WETH liquidity
3. Reduction of sell pressure on $GFI, relative to regular auto-compounders

So how…

In order to reward early adopters, for a period of 2–3 weeks, we are launching $BELUGA rewards for BELUGA-WETH SLP depositors: no vesting & no bs.

How can I participate? Head over to and select trade to acquire beluga and make sure you have an equal amount or more…

We are taking Beluga to the next level. $BELUGA on Polygon will be 100% collateralized by usdc-dai LP tokens.

What is a collateralized token, and how does it work?

Token collateralization is when a token is backed by other assets, which are redeemable by the token holders. In Beluga’s case…

Did you know? Some belugas migrate up to 5000km each year. A far less daunting task, will now carry out a migration of its own to the Polygon Network. Juicy gains are to be had and we will not miss out!

$BELUGA will not be available on Polygon, so profits will be bridged back and rewarded to profitshare stakers.

Vaults to be announced shortly, so follow all announcements on our Twitter, Discord and TG.




Just like Belugas in the wild, we rarely sleep. We are constantly launching more innovative strats and newer vaults to bring the best yields to our depositors.

We have launched the following vaults on

We have launched the following vault on

  • $WINGS Autocompounding vault

We will continue to launch innovative and fresh vaults in order to bring the most value to $BELUGA stakers and the wider crypto community.

We have many more updates to follow, so please stay up-to-date on our Discord and TG:

Rebrand, profit-sharing, yield-optimizing vaults, updated tokenomics, community integration, partnerships, marketing, and moar.


We will formally rebrand from Beluga Protocol to With this comes an updated logo and an updated UI/UX.

Yield-Optimizing Vaults

We have implemented the Harvest.Finance vault strategy, which calls every 3 hours, to compound users’ deposits. Users can deposit…

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